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Welcome to the blog.


Here you will find all the updates on how my writing is going, how the quest for publishing is coming along, and details of any new additions to the website. You will also find any announcements, and the details of where you can find my work.



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Last Chance, the sequel to The Last Keeper, is out next May, and the trailer is finally ready. To celebrate, there'll be a blog tour starting tomorrow. Here are the stops:


October 27th: Short, Sweet, and Snappy:

October 28th: Ja Ĩitam, a ti?

October 29th: Passion for Pages

October 30th: Scotzig's Blog

October 31st: Talk Supe and the trailer reveal


For the posts themselves, check out the homepage of the site: for the links!


And while you're there, I'm taking part in a charity write in during November. The aim is to write as much as possible in the 24 hours of Nov 9th through Nov 10th. We're raising money for the Bloogrun EVS charity, who are a volunteer emergancy transportation between hospitals for blood and other essentials.


Click here: to go and donate. Even if all you can do is share the page on your facebook/twitter, then that would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks


Posted By Michelle Birbeck


I'm joining in with the Author Blog Hop, so here are a few things about me.

Where can we learn more about you and your writing?

All the information on my Internet short stories, stories for charity, and my publications can be found on my website:

How long have you been writing?

Since I was in school, though I stopped for a long time after getting married. Then I took it up again a few years ago, and now I have a short story and my first book being published.

Why do you write?

Because there are no rules. I can do anything I want in my writing, and there are no limits to where I can go with it and how far I can take things.

What do you write?

A bit of everything really. Though my passion lies in supernatural beings and all that implies, I like trying my hand at a bit of everything. The darker the better normally. My short story, Consequences, is a horror, whereas the short I am doing for charity at the moment is a comedy, and another I did was very light and fluffy. I enjoy trying new things and styles, but I think I will always come back to the supernatural stories and the horror. I also like writing for charity to help raise money for fantastic causes. You can see some of the sneak peeks and details of them at:

Who are you?

I am me. I'm a wife to my wonderful husband, I like riding my motorbike, collecting books and reading. I love living in a world that isn't really real but something that I've made up. I love singing really loudly (and badly) to whatever music takes my fancy. And I love picnics in my back garden with a bottle of wine, a good book (or notebook) and my bunny, Poppy.

The books that I am under contract for at the moment are: The Last Keeper (March 2012) (The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing house) and Consequences (Winter 2011) (Pocket Novel Publishing)

For more info on the Author Blog Hop, click here

Author Blog Hop

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

January is over, and February is now underway. If this month is anything like last month, then not only will it be busy, but it will also be fantastic. So much happened in January that it’s hard to know where to start. The biggest thing, of course, being the acceptance of Consequences for publication.

But that wasn’t all that happened in the endless month of Jan. I had my first ever pictures taken, and though I was ridiculously nervous, they turned out well. I sat the first of my English Literature exams, and though I am on the fence as to how it went, I am looking forward to getting the results in March, if only so that the waiting for them is over. There has been more meetings, phone calls, and e-mails in January than I’m sure my phone bill or e-mail account like, let alone my expenses file.

I learned a lot in January, and even though I was rushed off my feet for almost all of it, it has turned out to be a fantastic month. Of course, February is shaping out to be just fine. In the three short days since the start of the month, I’ve been busy as ever. Updating the Short Stories page of the site, creating and updating my new Facebook page, as well as writing some more on the charity piece that I’m writing.

Survival’ is the working title of the short story I’m writing to help raise money for the Australian floods. Leanne is in the right place, at exactly the right time. Only problem is, she’s with completely the wrong person. What started as a romantic evening ends with her running for her life.

If you want to follow the progress of the charity drive, you can follow them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Consequences. I’m not sure it’s really sunk in yet, the fact that this is getting published. I still have moments where I smile and grin and do the little girly eepp, but it’s not really sunk in yet. It sort of seems like it isn’t really real. Even though it has been written, it’s been edited, and it’s waiting now for publication. Here’s the synopsis:

Celia is used to dealing with the occasional psycho in her line of work. She’s reasoned with them, talked to them, but she’s never been held at the mercy of one before. After the best night of her life, having to fight to survive is the last thing she expects, but it’s exactly what life throws at her. And might just be what death throws at her, too.

It’s being published by Pocket Novel Publishing (links coming soon), which is a new venture working with writers to produce short stories in their own books, giving readers a chance to sample new authors without having to buy whole books or anthologies.

As soon as I have more information on a publication date and website details, I will be posting them. Or you can follow the new Facebook page, where all of the information will be posted.

Here’s hoping that February is just as good as January, but maybe a little less busy.


Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Thank you to everyone who donated to the eBook Benefit over the last couple of months. The receipts have been added up and you helped to raise more than $400 for the charities. The eBook itself has been sent out to everyone who donated, so I hope you enjoy the awesome stories that made it into the completed book.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who donated, and to those who donated their time to get the short stories written, edited, and organised into the book.

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

First of all, the deadline for donations for the eBook Benefit is on the 31st of May, which is only ten days away. There is still time to get in your donations and send in your recipts for your chance to get the amazing thank you gift that has been put together. There are twenty five authors who have graciously given their time and work to putting together this eBook as well as many more wonderful people who have been working around the clock to edit the stories and process all of the e-mails with donation recipts in them.


On another note, there is a new podcast in town. Its name is Random Shenanigans, and the purpose is simply to have a little fun with whatever comes to mind. The first episode is up, and you can find it here

Here is a little info about the episode:

Episode One: Nose Picking Shenanigans

Featured in today’s episode.
Cait and her addiction to frozen apple pies. Apparently it is a childhood thing that she has never grown out of. Somehow this led to an early career as an interior designer. Or was it the other way around?
Alice’s trip into a lamppost. It explains her weird tendencies, all the blows to the head. Might also explain why she had to check to make sure she didn’t have a penis when that viagra add came though.
Emerald’s experience with explosive dog poop. Well, being a dog groomer, I suppose someone has to do the job. Of course, her being the little known superhero Jellyfish Girl, you’d think she would have a way of combating the explosive bowel movements of her animals.
Chelle’s OCD over pen lids. It passes hours of the day, making sure all the lids are aligned. Also stops the memories of Cait wanting to fuck her blood.
In other news, Cait has decided that she would like a penis for the day, just to see what it is like, whilst Chelle already has one. It goes by the name of Phill, her husband. Alice, however, is sure she doesn’t have one and doesn’t want to have to check again.
The charity segment.
Brought to you by Chelle, it was a little segment about a wonderful charity she is doing some work with. The aim is to help raise money for those affected by violent and hate crimes. Simply donate to any of the charities on the website, send your receipt into the e-mail address, and receive an eBook as a thank you for donating. Any and all donations are welcome, and the eBook contains stories from 25 authors. Links can be found below for the website and the twitter page.

The links.

eBook Benefit. Twitter: @eBookBenefit Website: