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Welcome to the blog.


Here you will find all the updates on how my writing is going, how the quest for publishing is coming along, and details of any new additions to the website. You will also find any announcements, and the details of where you can find my work.



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Last Chance, the sequel to The Last Keeper, is out next May, and the trailer is finally ready. To celebrate, there'll be a blog tour starting tomorrow. Here are the stops:


October 27th: Short, Sweet, and Snappy:

October 28th: Ja Ĩitam, a ti?

October 29th: Passion for Pages

October 30th: Scotzig's Blog

October 31st: Talk Supe and the trailer reveal


For the posts themselves, check out the homepage of the site: for the links!


And while you're there, I'm taking part in a charity write in during November. The aim is to write as much as possible in the 24 hours of Nov 9th through Nov 10th. We're raising money for the Bloogrun EVS charity, who are a volunteer emergancy transportation between hospitals for blood and other essentials.


Click here: to go and donate. Even if all you can do is share the page on your facebook/twitter, then that would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks


Posted By Michelle Birbeck

And there is a reason for that. I went to get on with a site update today. Opened the folder. Clicked on the file that I wanted to play with. Wondered why it wouldn’t open. Right clicked. No open with option as there normally is.

Turns out, when I installed Google Chrome a few weeks ago, it decided to alter all of my website source files. Without telling me. When I uninstalled Google Chrome the same week, it didn’t convert them back. So I downloaded the whole site from my server, and it saved all the files as something that wouldn’t open.


I have a back up, though, so I set about waiting as that restored all the files.

Still no luck.

More panic.

After several long minutes, lots of cursing, some saving of new files and copying source codes, I finally decided to right click again. This time I looked at properties. And there was an open using option! Selected notepad (because that’s what it should have opened in), and what do you know? It changed every single one of the files back to something that I can open.

And the lesson of the day?

Google is no longer my friend. Anything that would alter entire files and make them unopenable once the programme has been installed is not my friend. So I’m sticking to IE. I know, I know, it’s old and rubbish and no one uses it. But that, at least, is my friend.

Also, if you don't hear from me for a week, it's because I'm at a gay porn convention this weekend and helping someone move next week!



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

For a few months now I’ve been wondering when the whole being a published author thing would feel real. Now I know.

I was at a friend’s birthday party last night and we were all sat in the kitchen, talking, as most parties generally end up. For some reason I thought, ‘I’ll just check my emails real quick.’ Being able to do so on my phone these days makes it easy. So, there I was, checking my emails, and it was sat there. Big and shiny and oh so tempting to open it. No temptation really, I opened it. No hesitation or thinking that I was sat at a friend’s party and really should have been paying attention. It was just after midnight, so the party was winding down.

It took me a couple of minutes to open the email, wait for the attachment to load, save it, and then open it, but it was absolutely worth using up all of my free internet allowance to do so! Sat on my phone, staring out at me with wide eyes, literally, was the cover art for Consequences.

Of course, the first thing I did was go around and show everyone at the party. They all know I’m a writer, so it wasn’t exactly news to them, and when I saw it, I just had to share. The second I got home, it went up on my Facebook page, personal facebook account, twitter, tumblr, photobucket, and of course, the website. Safe to say I am very excited about it, and completely in love with the cover.

Now I can’t wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak.

In the meantime, it finally feels real. Contracts are signed, story is edited and polished, and the cover art is all done and so pretty!

Only thing left now is to feel the book in my hands. Consequences, by Michelle Birbeck


Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Who are you, and how do you Armchair?

Today's Monday, and that means Armchair BEA! First off, hi! Come on in, make yourself at home. This is the dark side, so there are plenty of cookies.


Who am I? The simple answer me. The long answer is I’m Michelle, aka Chelle, and occasionally Kitten. I’m a writer, and slightly nuts. Just slightly. I love writing and creating new worlds and new characters and torturing them… er, having fun with them. 


What do I write? I write anything that I want. Literally. My ideas folder reads like a genre list; there's something of everything in there. Even a romance, though just the one. The first book, however, that I’m getting published is a paranormal one. Lots of vampires and witches and weres, as well as a few other things. Not to mention the death, doom, and gloom that I love to write so much! Paranormal/supernatural will always have a place in my heart, though. There is just something about the things that go bump in the night and lurk in the shadows that captures my interests and never wants to let me go. I have both a book and a short story due to be published at the moment. Consequences (Pocket Novel Publishing) is due out later this year, and The Last Keeper (TWCS Publishing House) is due out March 2012.


How am I armchairing? I’m doing a couple of things this week, the first of which is posting a blog every day. The wonderful people at the Armchair BEA have different themes for every day, and I’ll be posting a themed blog every day. Starting with today, the introductions! I also have a ‘virtual table’ over on Girl_Who_Reads’ blog, which is how I got into the whole Armchair BEA. Oh, and there’s a giveaway! Can’t beat free stuff!


Well, there you have it. That’s me.

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

January is over, and February is now underway. If this month is anything like last month, then not only will it be busy, but it will also be fantastic. So much happened in January that it’s hard to know where to start. The biggest thing, of course, being the acceptance of Consequences for publication.

But that wasn’t all that happened in the endless month of Jan. I had my first ever pictures taken, and though I was ridiculously nervous, they turned out well. I sat the first of my English Literature exams, and though I am on the fence as to how it went, I am looking forward to getting the results in March, if only so that the waiting for them is over. There has been more meetings, phone calls, and e-mails in January than I’m sure my phone bill or e-mail account like, let alone my expenses file.

I learned a lot in January, and even though I was rushed off my feet for almost all of it, it has turned out to be a fantastic month. Of course, February is shaping out to be just fine. In the three short days since the start of the month, I’ve been busy as ever. Updating the Short Stories page of the site, creating and updating my new Facebook page, as well as writing some more on the charity piece that I’m writing.

Survival’ is the working title of the short story I’m writing to help raise money for the Australian floods. Leanne is in the right place, at exactly the right time. Only problem is, she’s with completely the wrong person. What started as a romantic evening ends with her running for her life.

If you want to follow the progress of the charity drive, you can follow them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Consequences. I’m not sure it’s really sunk in yet, the fact that this is getting published. I still have moments where I smile and grin and do the little girly eepp, but it’s not really sunk in yet. It sort of seems like it isn’t really real. Even though it has been written, it’s been edited, and it’s waiting now for publication. Here’s the synopsis:

Celia is used to dealing with the occasional psycho in her line of work. She’s reasoned with them, talked to them, but she’s never been held at the mercy of one before. After the best night of her life, having to fight to survive is the last thing she expects, but it’s exactly what life throws at her. And might just be what death throws at her, too.

It’s being published by Pocket Novel Publishing (links coming soon), which is a new venture working with writers to produce short stories in their own books, giving readers a chance to sample new authors without having to buy whole books or anthologies.

As soon as I have more information on a publication date and website details, I will be posting them. Or you can follow the new Facebook page, where all of the information will be posted.

Here’s hoping that February is just as good as January, but maybe a little less busy.