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Welcome to the blog.


Here you will find all the updates on how my writing is going, how the quest for publishing is coming along, and details of any new additions to the website. You will also find any announcements, and the details of where you can find my work.



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Things have been somewhat fail this month. With all the good intentions I had of having a break from this work lark and then coming back at it after Christmas, all of them went out of the window. First with the flu, then with the combination of a cough and my mother-in-law being ill, and then with a bad chest infection.

Three weeks later, and I am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself. I’m still attempting to cough up my respiratory tract from time to time, and doing simple things like climbing the stairs is exhausting, but I’m better than I was; I can actually get up the stairs now. My diet is all to pot, too, but a week of hardly eating at least didn’t put me too far off track. Not the best way to lose weight, admittedly, but when the act of getting up out of a chair is so draining it warrants a nap, cooking is the last thing I thought of doing.

Now, aside from the worst case of ill I’ve had since I was fifteen, not a lot else has happened. Editing on Last Chance is going well, and we are now on the home stretch. My prereaders have the book, and my editor is doing her last run through now. All that will be left after that is my last run through.

There are now just over 17 weeks until Last Chance comes out, so as soon as I have caught up on my emails and got myself right after the two week break and three week ill, I’ll be sorting out blog tours and launch parties and competitions. There’s a lot of work ahead of me, and I’m hoping that I got all the stress and unwell out of my system now, before I really get started.

In other news, there will be a new short story out when Last Chance comes out, and this time it is going to be an accompaniment to the series. No details for anyone yet as to what that is, but stay tuned for all kinds of sneak peeks and treats in the run up to release day.
So here's the the year finally starting. A month and a half late... but at least it's starting at last.

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

I wrote a short story a while ago now and handed it over to Pocket Novels (publisher of Consequences). Having so much other work to be getting on with, I mostly forgot about it. Except for the occasional prod to see if it was going to go anywhere.

Well, I got that very exciting email the other day.

There isn’t a date yet, but there will be one soon. Contracts and such are signed and just need to be sent off. Then soonish after that, my next short horror story will be out!

I’ll let everyone know as soon as I hear a date or have a link, but Playthings will be coming out! Hopefully in time for Christmas!


P.s: if it's not out by Christmas, Consequences makes a great stocking filler! And if you've got a Kindle, it's only £1!

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

As many of you know, I announced a short while ago that the contracts for Last Chance had been signed and we were set for a release of book 2 in The Keepers’ Chronicles in 2013.

And now I’m trying to think of a way to say everything has changed that’s polite. So, yes, everything has changed. I was informed on Friday evening that this is not the case. TWCS Publishing House will not be continuing with The Keepers’ Chronicles.

Given that contracts were signed and I was expecting editing to start and everything was planned, right down to a blog tour in October for the run up to the trailer release, I was somewhat shocked.

I’m not going to go into the details, as they are between TWCS and me.

I am going to say this, though; for the last twenty-four hours I’ve been thinking. It’s what I do best. I think and I overthink, and then I rethink again.

And here are the results of that thinking.

May 2013 (exact date to be confirmed) Last Chance, book 2 in The Keepers’ Chronicles, will be released. I’ve found a wonderful young lady to edit the book. I already have the cover planned, as it was going to be my own artwork anyway. I’ve looked at the options for printing and distribution and marketing, and everything is now covered.

All in all, I’m happier with things going as they are now. There may not be contracts and royalties and a publishing house printing my work, but there will be books.

I’m not giving up, ever.


Posted By Michelle Birbeck

I haven’t blogged in a while, and there’s a whole bunch of updates to let you know about, so here it goes.

The first and biggest one is that I’ve finally taken a trip into self-publishing. It’s a short story called Isolation, that I wrote to celebrate the release of The Last Keeper. The two are unrelated, but I had the idea of having something new to offer at the launch party and events. It worked well, and the printed copies were limited to 100 (published through lulu), and at first that was all I was going to do. 100 copies in print, then no more after that. However, I like the idea of ebooks (though I’m not a fan myself), so I set about getting it onto smashwords. One afternoon of reading and formatting later, and it’s there. All self-published, priced, formatted, checked, and ready for people to go buy.

Second is that I’ve been working on a new blog. Don’t worry, this one will be staying. This is going to be my writing blog, for all my writing adventures, new books, and other exciting things. But I’ve been toying with the idea of a book review blog for a while. Basically, I like books. I like signed books. And if I can get more signed books by reviewing them, then why not? Also, when Consequences came out, I couldn’t find anywhere that was willing to review it, because it is a short story. So my new blog, Short, Sweet, and Snappy, is going to focus mainly on short story reviews. There will be a full book review section, manned by my wonderful friend Ange, but the focus will be short stories.

It’s not ready yet, but if you’re a writer of short stories and would like yours reviewing, then please use the contact form on my site or drop me a tweet.

We’ll also be hosting blog tours and guest posts there, so if you want help promoting your book or short story, drop us a line!

The blog should be up and running by about the end of July, but there will be an official announcement nearer the time.

And lastly, The Last Keeper. We’re two months in now, and things are going well! I’ve got events booked in until the end of November, including a few fundraising events, and I’m hoping to fill my calendar in the run up to Christmas. There’s also work being done on book 2, Last Chance (2013), and its trailer and book cover. I’m very excited over both, but I’m keeping it close to the chest until everything is in place.

Stay tuned, though! Because things are going to get dark and dangerous, and so very exciting!

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

First of all I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came by yesterday, asked questions, read the sneak peeks, bought book, and was there for the #TWCS_Keeper party yesterday! I crashed sometime just before 1am after being up since the early hours of the morning, but it was worth every second!

So a HUGE, HUGE thank you to everyone who RTd and came by!

Secondly, the book is up on amazon!

You can get it for your Kindle in the UK here, and for the US here

And if you want it for anything other than a kindle, visit the publisher’s site here, where you can also order the paperback.

Also, if you fancy trying to win a signed copy of both The Last Keeper and Consequences, then check out the Talk Supe Blog during the blog tour for an international giveaway full of awesomeness!

More information about the blog tour will be coming in the next couple of days.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to the party! It was great fun!