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Posted By Michelle Birbeck

First of all, the deadline for donations for the eBook Benefit is on the 31st of May, which is only ten days away. There is still time to get in your donations and send in your recipts for your chance to get the amazing thank you gift that has been put together. There are twenty five authors who have graciously given their time and work to putting together this eBook as well as many more wonderful people who have been working around the clock to edit the stories and process all of the e-mails with donation recipts in them.


On another note, there is a new podcast in town. Its name is Random Shenanigans, and the purpose is simply to have a little fun with whatever comes to mind. The first episode is up, and you can find it here

Here is a little info about the episode:

Episode One: Nose Picking Shenanigans

Featured in today’s episode.
Cait and her addiction to frozen apple pies. Apparently it is a childhood thing that she has never grown out of. Somehow this led to an early career as an interior designer. Or was it the other way around?
Alice’s trip into a lamppost. It explains her weird tendencies, all the blows to the head. Might also explain why she had to check to make sure she didn’t have a penis when that viagra add came though.
Emerald’s experience with explosive dog poop. Well, being a dog groomer, I suppose someone has to do the job. Of course, her being the little known superhero Jellyfish Girl, you’d think she would have a way of combating the explosive bowel movements of her animals.
Chelle’s OCD over pen lids. It passes hours of the day, making sure all the lids are aligned. Also stops the memories of Cait wanting to fuck her blood.
In other news, Cait has decided that she would like a penis for the day, just to see what it is like, whilst Chelle already has one. It goes by the name of Phill, her husband. Alice, however, is sure she doesn’t have one and doesn’t want to have to check again.
The charity segment.
Brought to you by Chelle, it was a little segment about a wonderful charity she is doing some work with. The aim is to help raise money for those affected by violent and hate crimes. Simply donate to any of the charities on the website, send your receipt into the e-mail address, and receive an eBook as a thank you for donating. Any and all donations are welcome, and the eBook contains stories from 25 authors. Links can be found below for the website and the twitter page.

The links.

eBook Benefit. Twitter: @eBookBenefit Website:

Posted By Michelle Birbeck

So, I thought it was about time I let you know where you can read some of the fiction that I have written. There are two stories up over on fiction press at the moment. Here is a little about each of them.

The Beginning Of The End

This is the short story of how William met Alison. It is an outtake from the books that I am writing, and centres around William. Upon meeting his partner for the first time, William is posing as a married couple, Serenity being his wife. William must explain to Alison why he is supposedly married to his sister, as well as explaining what and who he is.

Born Of Blood

This is a two part short story. The first part is from the point of view of Issac Baruti, an emissary in the 1400's who is attacked and left for dead. Found by a vampire, he is turned and introduced to life as an immortal.

The second part is from the point of view of Poppy, the world's most powerful female vampire. She is intrigued by Issac's reaction to her and his reaction to her world once she turns him.

Both of these are available here and via the link on the sidebar.

Also, don't forget there is another short story of mine that you will only be able to see by donating to the eBook Benefit. Details of this can be found here along with a list of the wonderful people who are donating their time and work to the cause.

Going Home

Louise is one of the Fae, but she has been living in the human world for almost a decade, protecting the secluded entrance to her world. One summer's day, she receives an unexpected visitor, and exciting news. Louise must return home early to celebrate the birth of her niece. It is a light-hearted piece celebrating her return and the newest addition to her winged family.

You can see the latest news for the site and the eBook Benefit on twitter by following @michellebirbeck or @eBookBenefit