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Posted By Michelle Birbeck

The Last Keeper

‘Twas the night before Christmas… and that’s all I’ve got. Except for a sale. Rhyming I may not be able to do, but sales, I can.

And as a Christmas Eve treat for everyone, The Last Keeper is on sale!

So if you’ve just bought an ereader for someone or a Kindle, and you want to load it with some awesome books ready for them to read on Christmas morning, then check out The Last Keeper’s sale. Just $4.99 for Christmas Eve only!

Click the picture or the book title to be taken to the publisher's website!

And Happy Holidays!



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

First off, a Christmas Sale!

On Christmas Eve, The Last Keeper will be on sale again! Down to just $4.99, it is a great last minute present for vampire lovers and those after something a little different. Click the picture below to be taken to the publisher’s site.

TWCS Xmas Sale

2012 has been an interesting year, in both good and bad ways. The most notable events of the year have to be The Last Keeper’s release, and the signing of the contract for Playthings. Fantastic events that warranted celebrations and ball gowns and an evening to remember.

There have, of course, been signings and reviews, royalty payments and new friends, and a whole host of other little triumphs that culminated in a fantastic year.

However, there have also been events on the opposite side of the scale. Being dumped by my publisher wasn’t exactly a highlight, and the recent slew of people marking my books to read under derogatory shelves on goodreads, as well as giving it false ratings without actually reading the book… well, those weren’t so fun.

I’ve also seen a lot of changes this year. I have a new editor, and I fully intend to procure her services for the rest of the Keepers’ series. I have left the fandom world completely, thanks to the bullying tendencies of a small group of people. And I have written three new books. All of which will be seeing the light of day in the next couple of years, including the start of a new two/three book series.

So my career as an author has gotten off to a very rocky start, but it has also taught me a lot. I know for future reference what I need to do and how I need to go about things, and I know what to avoid. My skin has thickened, and I discovered that warranted low reviews aren’t that bad. After all, I can’t please everyone, and if someone didn’t enjoy my work, then that is perfectly fine. I am still trying to harden up against the other sort of reviews out there, the low ratings, plain mean titled shelves, ect. However, I am starting to feel sorry for the people who feel the need to do that. If their lives revolve around making other people feel like rubbish, then that isn’t much of a life.

But regardless of all of that, the positives of this year have been fantastic, and I am hoping that next year will result in the same. In the meantime, I am taking two weeks off for Christmas, and will be working on Last Chance, due out May 2013.



Posted By Michelle Birbeck

Today I had a horrible experience. I woke up this morning, and did what I do every morning; check my emails. Reply to those that need it, and check everything else. Well, when I tried to reply to one important email regarding the Christmas giveaway, I started getting an error message.

Apparently my email looked a lot like spam, and thus Hotmail wouldn’t let me send it. Well, hold on a second, why should my email look like spam? It was two lines, a confirmation of the prize, and a request for the date my blog post was needed. Simple, easy, and completely non-spamish.

Like any normal person, I read the error, did the editing it suggested, and tried again. Same message. Next step; sign out and back in again.

This is where the problems started. It wouldn’t let me sign back in. No error message, no troubleshooting to be done. My internet was working fine. So I went to my iPad and sent the email from there. First time. Easy.

But back on the laptop, it still wasn’t working. And then the message came up, the one that had my heart in my throat as I thought about all the emails, contacts, and everything else I would lose.

There has been suspicious activity on your account and in order to use it again you need to verify some information.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I looked at security questions and the like, it was as I signed up for the email account. A number of years ago that I’d rather not remember.

Still, when it comes to my email account, my whole life runs through there. Facebook notifications from my page, stats from my website, requests for my review blog, personal emails, family, friends. And it is also where all of my other accounts for various things filter through to, so I only have one point of call. Without that… I don’t want to even think about it!

So I clicked the verify information link.

And lo and behold, somewhere in the past I’d backed everything up with one simple thing: a recovery email address. One that wasn’t mine, but my husband’s.

Three or four clicks later and my password was changed, and I was back into my email almost as if nothing had happened.

And there’s a moral in all of this. Everyone stresses the need to back up your work, the documents you’ve just spent hours editing, and the notes you’ve made about that all important plot twist in chapter eighteen. But life as an author is mainly spent on the internet. So it’s not only a good, if not essential, idea to back up those documents, but to also back up your online life. Your email, online passwords, online accounts. Setting everything up from scratch is a pain, and it takes time, time that could be spent editing and writing.

So even if it seems like it will never happen to you, don’t take that chance. Back everything up.