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Posted By Michelle Birbeck

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is big. All the goths descend on Whitby and take it over for two weekends a year. Corsets and capes as far the horizon, vampire teeth and stakes late into the night, and an influx of Steampunked ladies and gents showing off their wares. In short: heaven. And for those of you familiar with Dracula, home of Whitby Abbey.

Only, I’ve never been. Over all my years I have either not had anyone to go with or simply not been able to make it.

That is changing. Not only am I now going, but I am taking a stall. November of this year, I will be attending the goth weekend in all my long-unused finery, with my wonderful friend and Milliner, Rachel. We are sharing a stall there (more details to come), and she will be selling hats, and I will be selling books.

It is still six months away, but I am tempted to start packing. I need my fur lined cloak, all of my corsets, my long gloves, short gloves, hats, wigs, and don’t even get me started on the shoes! For a three day weekend, I’ll be taking more outfits than most people take for a week. Two for each day, and spares. As for the wigs… well, they were bought for The Last Keeper and Last Chance’s book trailers, but it’s about time I got to play with them, too!

So join me in November, even if it is just to pop along and say hi!

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